Waze Launches New Feature For Cities & Works With WHO To Encourage Road Safety

Waze is announcing the launch of a new feature that will allow its Waze for Cities partners to deliver safety messages directly to drivers and motorcyclists via a new, amplified alert. This feature will make it easier for the network of Waze for Cities partners to communicate important safety messages to drivers in a timely and easy to understand way.

Waze for Cities Safety Messages enables Waze’s partners in cities and departments for transportation around the world to leverage timely, relevant, and hyperlocal in-app user communications to promote road safety. These safety messages appear to drivers when they have been stationary for more than 10 seconds and disappear when the vehicle moves.

Miami-Dade joined West Palm Beach, London (UK), Mexico City and others as one of the first cities to use Waze for Cities Safety Messages, and will encourage safe driving alongside Waze features including navigation and hazard alerts with Google Assistant, lane guidance and railroad crossing and speeding alerts. Of interest to Canadians, the City of Calgary and City of Ottawa, work with Waze on this initiative as well.

To further mark UN Road Safety Week, Waze is demonstrating its commitment to road safety by joining the World Health Organization’s #StreetsForLife initiative and signing an open letter supporting the reducing, design, and enforcement of safer speeds — including prioritizing low speed streets in all residential areas and near schools.

Click here to learn more about UN Road Safety Week, or here for information on Waze for Cities.

Clarification: The City of Calgary and City of Ottawa are Waze for Cities partners, however they haven’t yet used the new feature.

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