Parler Returns To Apple’s App Store With AI Based Moderation

Parler, the social network favored by the far-right, is back up on Apple’s App Store and will apparently rely on AI algorithms to automatically flag hate speech. But only on iPhones. Not on Android phones or on the web according to the Washington Post:

Posts that are labeled “hate” by Parler’s new artificial intelligence moderation system won’t be visible on iPhones or iPads. There’s a different standard for people who look at Parler on other smartphones or on the Web: They will be able to see posts marked as “hate,” which includes racial slurs, by clicking through to see them.

That’s great I suppose for those who are within Apple’s walled garden. But it really doesn’t address the issue of Parler not exactly being great for civil discourse. I say that because those who really want to see all the hate, intolerance, and conspiracy theories that they can handle will simply use Android or the web. And the flip side of that is that AI isn’t perfect. Thus it is going to flag some things that shouldn’t be flagged, and miss stuff that should be flagged. In other words, it is not a solution to Parler’s larger issues. But they’re back on the App Store so I suppose it’s a win for Parler.

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