Many Major Websites Down Or Impaired Due To An Issue With A Content Delivery Network Provider

If you were trying to get to Reddit, The New York Times, Spotify, CNN, or many other major websites this morning, you might be seeing “Error 503 – Service Unavailable”. That’s because the Fastly CDN or content delivery network is down and took many websites down with it.

A content delivery network caches data in localized regional servers, allowing websites to serve content to you much faster. Big websites rely on these content delivery networks to make sure that their websites are accessible by a large amount of people. Thus when one of these networks fail, it’s a big deal.

On the Fastly Status page, the company says it is implementing a fix and service should be resuming to those websites shortly. But I am pretty sure that any website that was affected is going to be asking a lot of questions of Fastly as to what happened, and how they can make sure that it will never happen again. In the meantime, you should be seeing your favorite website come on line shortly, if it hasn’t already.

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