And The Winner Of TikTok Gamers Greatest Talent Is… Philip Bowen From Virginia!

TikTok is excited to share that the winner of TikTok Gamers Greatest Talent is Philip Bowen! Philip Bowen is a multi-talented singer-songwriter/fiddler specializing in guitar and fiddle from West Virginia, currently based in Detroit.

In April, TikTok partnered with Enthusiast Gaming and e.l.f. Cosmetics to launch Gamers Greatest Talent, a first-of-its-kind search for the TikTok gaming community’s hidden talents. The seven-episode live series followed 36 contestants across North America as they show off their talents and compete in front of fans and an incredible rotating panel of celebrity judges from the gaming and TikTok world – including mxmtoon, nickeh30, anomaly, and Tori Pareno. The performance exceeded expectations and Live viewers have grown tremendously, showing that content on TikTok is innovative and has the ability to transcend into other verticals and platforms.

Gamers Greatest Talent Highlights:

  • The hashtag #gaming has over 120B views
  • 1,000+ entries to Gamers Greatest Talent
  • 10M+ viewers for the entire season
  • 15+ countries tuned in to the episodes every night
  • The finale was the 2nd most popular “Just Chatting” channel on Twitch
  • TikTok creator/musician and judge of GGT, BBNO$ will be featuring Philip on a new upcoming track!

Philip Bowen Socials:

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