Half of Enterprise 5G Operators Lack the Knowledge or Tools to Find and Fix Security Vulnerabilities: Trend Micro

Trend Micro today released new research that reveals a major gap in security capability among mobile operators, which in many cases is not yet being filled by industry partnerships.

In the 5G era, and a rapidly changing digital landscape, operators could broaden their security credentials with partners as they look to deliver on their desire to secure private networks.

Learn more about the research during Mobile World Congress with Trend Micro’s Ed Cabrera: https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/agenda/session/enabling-digital-transformation-of-industries-in-the-5g-era.

According to the study, 68% of operators sell private wireless networks to enterprise customers with the rest planning to do so by 2025. Nearly half (45%) of operators consider it extremely important to invest in security to achieve long-term enterprise revenue goals. To this end, 77% of operators are planning to offer security as part of their private network solutions.

In addition, the report found that:

  • 51% of operators see edge computing (Multi-Access Edge Computing, or MEC) is a key part of their near future enterprise strategy. Only 18% of operators currently secure their endpoints or edge.
  • 48% of operators cite a lack of adequate knowledge or tools to discover vulnerabilities as a top 5G security challenge.
  • 39% have a limited pool of security experts.
  • 41% struggle with network virtualization vulnerabilities.

The role operators can play in securing the private network ecosystem is particularly important in the 5G Era. New threat vectors will materialize as enterprises look to embrace new communications technologies (5G, edge computing, cloud computing, private wireless, IoT) to digitally transform their business. Operators are in a prime position to address these and profit in supporting their enterprise customers. To take on this role, operators will want to broaden their credentials or partner with security, cloud or IT vendors capable of filling any gaps in their security portfolios and expertise.

As a security platformer with 5G service providers for Enterprise, Trend Micro understand the needs of its corporate customers and partners with these organizations to best meet those needs.

To read a full copy of the report, Securing 5G Era Private networks, please visit: https://data.gsmaintelligence.com/research/research/research-2021/securing-private-networks-in-the-5G-era.

The report is based on two GSMA Intelligence surveys:

  • GSMA Intelligence Operators in Focus 2021 survey spans 100 decision-makers from operators around the world to understand their views on the enterprise opportunity.
  • The GSMA Intelligence Enterprise in Focus 2020 survey spans 2,873 companies in eight industry verticals and 18 countries.

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