Qweerty Gamers Announces Espe Azalea Symone As Their Newest Victoria Kennedy Micro-Grant Recipient

The LGBTQ non-profit organization, Qweerty Gamers, is thrilled to announce Espe Azalea Symone as their newest recipient of the Victoria Kennedy Micro-Grant.  The grassroots funded grant program provides monetary assistance to individuals who dedicate or would like to dedicate their time to video game production and remove short term obstacles that may hinder their dedication.

Espe Azalea Symone is a drag queen native of Louisiana that relocated to Los Angeles in 2017. They’ve been doing drag since March 2016 but started streaming on Twitch in January of 2021. After being bored the entire quarantine, a friend suggested that they stream and since then they’ve accumulated over 1,500 followers in a short period of time.  

Espe’s passion project and the reason for applying for the Qweerty Microgrant is Black By Daylight. Black by Daylight is a collective of black content creators whose main focus is Dead by Daylight. Espe felt passionate about this project due to the nature of being black and creating content. Black content creators have to work twice as hard to receive half the recognition. The idea behind Black By Daylight is to produce a group of people who are there to uplift each other and signal boost each other. This will help Black creators find an audience of like-minded people. 

This grant program is dedicated to Victoria Anne Kennedy, our president Raymond Lancione’s late-mother who dedicated her life to the empowerment of children via an early start in education and was a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community.

More information at https://www.qweertygamers.org/grants

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