Microsoft Sort Of Fixes PrintNightmare

You’ll recall that I brought you the story of a serious bug in Windows called PrintNightmare which was being exploited. Microsoft has issued out-of-band patches for this bug. Sort of. Patches are available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows RT 8.1
  • A variety of supported versions of Windows 10
  • Windows 7

Microsoft recommends prompt application of its patches, but its advisory also offers a workaround if you’re not able to install the software.

Here’s the bad news. Microsoft’s advisory states: “Updates are not yet available for Windows 10 version 1607, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2012.” But, they are on the way says Microsoft. So I would highly recommend that you get to patching all the things to protect yourself.

UPDATE: Microsoft has now released patches for all versions of Windows 10.

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