Review: Apple Watch International Collection Sport Loop Band

Apple has released 22 Apple Watch sport loop bands to represent 22 nations around the world which tie into the Olympics that start later this month. Along with the sport loops, you can get watch faces that have limited customization to match the sport loops. Seeing as my wife and I are both Apple Watch users and we’re in Canada, we got the Canadian sport loop:

You can see the sport loop with the matching watch face here which you get via an app clip that is printed inside the box. And the watch face is the only area I will be critical of. Apple could have tried harder to incorporate the maple leaf into the watch face. Because other than the red and white, there’s nothing here that makes it distinctly Canadian. And you can copy and paste that comment for a few of the other bands in this collection. You also can’t add complications to the watch face, but I can’t see how you could do that and not have issues seeing the complication. Thus I will give Apple a pass on that. You can however customize the look of the watch face. For example you can have vertical stripes rather than diagonal ones. Or use a circular watch face instead of a square one.

Apple did put some time into making sure all the lugs and other bits color match the theme of the sport loop. So I will give them a point on that front. But other than that, this is a very comfortable sport loop that feels soft and the velcro is very secure. I would wear this when I work out, but since white is one of the colors, that’s likely not a good idea as it is likely to get dirty in a hurry.

On the inside of the band the three letter abbreviation for the country is present below the velcro strips.

The cool part is that these sport loops aren’t any more expensive than usual. In Canada they’re $59 CDN. If you want one, I would hurry. As I type this some countries have sold out. And not all Apple Stores have all sport loops. Thus if you want to show your national pride, I would quickly go to the Apple online store and shop for them that way.

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