Amazon Wants To Monitor You In Your Sleep… Ok… Sure… Right

Amazon is a pretty invasive company when it comes to monitoring your activities. And it looks like they’re going next level on that front. They have won U.S. permission to use radar to monitor consumers’ sleep habits:

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday granted Inc. approval to use a radar sensor to sense motion and “enable contactless sleep tracing functionalities.” Amazon on June 22 asked the FCC, which regulates airwave uses, for permission to market a device that uses radar. The technology captures movement in three dimensions, enabling a user to control its features through simple gestures and movements, the company said in a filing. The capability, according to Amazon, could help people with “with mobility, speech, or tactile impairments,” and it could monitor sleep with a high degree of precision.

Do I really want Amazon monitoring my sleep? Yes there is sleep monitoring from Apple for example. But I know that my sleep data from my Apple Watch stays with me. Where is the data that Amazon is gathering going? What is Amazon going to do with it? It’s likely too early to answer that question. But I think we should be asking that question now seeing as you are likely to be seeing products with this tech coming soon from Amazon. And by that point it may be too late to have that conversation.

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