Keyfactor Partners With Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service

Today, cybersecurity company Keyfactor announced a partnership with Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service (CAS). The integration combines Keyfactor’s certificate lifecycle automation with Google’s cloud-native private CAS to meet the needs of security, infrastructure and application teams in the cloud.

Keyfactor + Google CA Service

Google Cloud Platform’s CAS allows teams to simplify the deployment and management of private CAs for their cloud-native workloads and applications. Now, Keyfactor customers can plug directly into Google CAS to seamlessly integrate cloud-based private CAs into their overall enterprise PKI (public key infrastructure) strategy.

Using the flexible AnyCA Gateway, Keyfactor synchronizes in real-time via the Google Certificate Authority Service API to continuously inventory every certificate issued. With a complete inventory, PKI teams will now have a centralized view into the health and status of all certificates, backed by powerful protocol-based and out-of-the-box automation.

Integration features/benefits:

  • Multi-CA, multi-cloud: Keyfactor provides a comprehensive view of all machine identities in a single console via public and private CA integrations, network-based discovery, and authenticated discovery of key and certificate stores.
  • Self-service: Application owners can quickly request and provision certificates automatically via a user-friendly self-service interface or RESTful APIs.
  • Auto-enrollment: Google-issued certificates can be auto-enrolled via protocol-based automation, such as SCEP or ACME, using proxies built into the Keyfactor platform.
  • Automated provisioning: Keyfactor Orchestrators automatically renew and provision certificates to multiple servers, devices and network endpoints.
  • DevOps & IoT integrations: Native integrations and plugins make it easy for teams to automate certificate deployment to popular tools such as HashiCorp Vault, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Istio service mesh, and more.
  • Flexible deployment: Customers can deploy certificate lifecycle automation (CLA) within their datacenter, in Google Cloud Platform, or as a service (CLAaaS).

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