Tested: BreachCheck.io Which Bills Itself As A Free Service For People To View Their Exposed Data On The Dark Web

There are plenty of websites offering advice on what to do if your email address is hacked or stolen. But a brand-new service offers consumers a way to be aware of past breaches and hopefully prevent future ones by pointing out the problem in the first place.

BreachCheck.io is a FREE service that finally offers consumers a way to view their exposed darkweb data. BreachCheck has access to over 18 Billion breached records and passwords and best of all, users can register for free. It allows consumers to take control over the security of their data.  

How? BreachCheck provides users with access to their exposed passwords and data so they can take the appropriate measure to protect against future hacks.   

The process is simple in my testing.

  1. Go to BeachCheck.io and enter your email address.
  2. The site will display any breaches that you’ve been involved in. It will also ask you to validate your email address so that you can get more details.
  3. When you do that, you will get the offer to download an Excel file with more details.

So that process sounds simple enough. The one thing that did concern me was this:

This purchase confirmation screen gives me cause to pause as it kind of implies that this will become a paid service at some point. It also has a web form for you to fill out if you have more questions about your data security. I’ve posed the above to the people behind the site and when I get a response, I’ll update this post.

In any case, this might be an additional option to services like HaveIBeenPwned.com so that you stay safe online. Which is of paramount importance these days.

UPDATE: This is what I got back from the company:

We are removing all of that literally as we speak. Thx for letting me know. 
So sounds like it was a glitch 

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  1. Thanks for the writeup! Sorry about the glitch, we are using a digital delivery system which has a built in payment module. We have been working on turning all of that off. Thanks again!

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