Nominate Your Service Desk Superhero

TOPdesk Canada launches a campaign encouraging you to nominate your service desk superhero to give them a chance to win a PlayStation 5 console and 2 Dualsense controllers. 

We’ve all needed technology support at work at one time or another – our printer or laptop has crashed; password login issues; or perhaps our important “how-to” question needs to be answered right away. These challenges are often solved by the IT service desk team. And how do we recognize these superheroes? Answer is, we usually don’t. 

For SysAdmin Day (July 30th) TOPdesk wants to do something about that. From now until July 30th, nominate your service desk superhero by sharing a brief story on why they deserve to win. In return, they are entered into a draw to win a new PS5. This initiative was inspired by our TOPdesk colleagues in Belgium, who ran a similar contest recognizing their service desk superheroes in March this year.

During the global pandemic, IT teams all over Canada have been scrambling trying to get everyone set up to continue working from home. Processes have changed, and IT continues to support organizations remotely. Digital transformation is moving faster than ever. 

If someone comes to mind immediately as you read this, sign them up to win a PS5! All you need to do is enter a small write up on your superhero, and you will be given some additional ways to enter. For more info, visit our TOPdesk social media pages, or Contest will end on SysAdmin Day, July 30th

Just another reminder that not all superheroes wear capes!

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