New Infosec Skills Cyber Range Helps Cyber Pros Upskill, Reskill Hands-On

Infosec Institute today announced the release of the next generation of the Infosec Skills cyber range, a scalable training platform where cyber professionals can upskill and reskill inside the operating environments they encounter on the job. Named a 2021 Cyber Defense Magazine Best Product for Cybersecurity Training, Infosec Skills offers 1,200+ hands-on cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges mapped to the NICE Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity and MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix.

The cyber skills gap remains prevalent with almost 500 million open cybersecurity positions in the U.S. alone, according to CompTIA. Providing cybersecurity professionals with the tools they need to stay up to date with threats, practice skills in realistic environments and progress their careers is an essential step to close this persistent skills gap. 

Labs inside the new Infosec Skills cyber ranges come equipped with clear learning objectives and actionable feedback based on real-time learner inputs. Infosec Skills learners can practice penetration testing, writing secure code and countering ATT&CK tactics and techniques — hands-on. Infosec Skills cyber ranges require no additional software, hardware or server space, so teams can spend less time configuring environments and more time learning.

According to the Forrester Tech Tide™: Zero Trust Threat Detection and Response, “Cyber range services help cross-functional teams learn best practices of good cybersecurity incident response under pressure. Given the inevitability of a breach and the staffing and skills gap in the security industry, most security teams find value in these services and regular exercises.”

From command line basics to advanced adversarial techniques, Infosec Skills cyber ranges teach cyber teams how to:

  • Run red and blue team exercises
  • Write secure code by example
  • Pass dozens of technical certifications by gaining hands-on domain knowledge
  • Attack and defend cloud-based applications
  • And much more

The latest generation of Infosec Skills cyber range launches today with 18 new hands-on labs. Over 100 additional labs are scheduled for release by the end of 2021. Try the new Infosec Skills cyber range for free, or learn more about the latest release here.

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