Canadian Government Announces Funding To Bolster Cyberdefenses Related To Canada’s Energy Infrastructure

A few days ago, Seamus O’Regan Jr., Minister of Natural Resources announced $407,000 in funding to protect at Canada’s critical energy infrastructure. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a start. Because we have seen cyber attacks earlier in the year aimed at US energy infrastructure that caused significant disruptions.

David Masson who is the Director of Enterprise Security at Darktrace had this to say:

Critical national infrastructure (CNI) supports the economic well-being of Canada. I am thrilled by the recent announcement of $407,000 in new funding dedicated to supporting the research and development of a cyber security system to protect Canada’s critical energy infrastructure. Securing CNI is one of the top priorities for any government to protect against increasingly sophisticated and fast-moving cyber threats. Friday’s announcement bythe Canadian Minister of Natural Resources underscores this key priority. 

The recently announced funding also includes a $104,000 investment in the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) to strengthen the cybersecurity of Canada’s natural gas delivery systems. This funding area is particularly interesting because it provides further evidence that the Canadian government is taking the necessary steps to protect energy infrastructure. 

We must focus on securing critical infrastructure against growing the growing threat landscape – and fast. While public funding and research can help identify threats, Canadian organizations need to leverage innovative security tools for total visibility into their network and increased understanding of their complicated digital infrastructure. Humans can no longer defend against machine-scale attacks alone. Self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) tools can support lightening the burden on security teams by allowing them to see and stop threats at their earliest stages before hackers can do any harm.

Hopefully the Canadian Government is listening and directs this money to get the results that David Masson is speaking of.

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