Owlet’s Award-Winning Technology Now Available For Children Up To Age 5 With New Smart Sock Plus

Building on the Owlet Smart Sock’s ground-breaking technology with more than 1 million babies monitored around the world, Owlet introduces its newest innovation: the Smart Sock Plus. Designed for children from birth until 5 years old, the Smart Sock Plus allows parents to track heart rate, oxygen level and sleep trends for their children’s well-being, offering peace of mind from infancy through early childhood. The Smart Sock Plus is available now at OwletCare.ca and Amazon.ca.

Owlet’s flagship product, the Smart Sock, launched in 2015 for babies 0-18 months old, up to 30 pounds. The Smart Sock Plus extends the product’s use, empowering parents with a better understanding of their child’s needs as they grow, along with the ability to track their child’s well-being from birth to early childhood (up to 55 pounds). Designed by parents for parents, moms, dads, and caregivers can experience more confidence in their choices, more support while facing new developmental milestones, and more joy and peace of mind throughout the parenting journey with the Smart Sock Plus.

The Smart Sock and the Smart Sock Plus leverage pulse oximetry technology — which many know as the little red light they clip on your finger at the hospital to track heart rate and oxygen levels. The Smart Sock allows parents to view their little one’s heart rate and oxygen readings in real time from the Owlet App, from infancy through early childhood. If the readings fall outside of preset zones, parents are notified through their phone and a Base Station. Over 1 million babies have been monitored by the Owlet Smart Sock around the globe. The expanded size and usage range with the Smart Sock Plus will empower even more parents to better understand their child’s overall well-being. 

The Smart Sock Plus is available today on OwletCare.ca and Amazon.ca for $449.99. Existing Smart Sock 3 customers can purchase an extension pack for $99. The Smart Sock Plus can be paired with the Owlet Cam ($199), delivering the most advanced snapshot of your child’s wellbeing from birth to kindergarten. The Smart Sock Plus is set to launch in select European and APAC countries this Fall.

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