Scotiabank Partners with Google Cloud

Scotiabank and Google Cloud today announced a strategic partnership to deepen the Bank’s cloud-first commitment and accelerate its global data and analytics strategy. As a Scotiabank trusted cloud partner for data and analytics, Google Cloud will help create a more personal and predictive banking experience for Scotiabank customers in the Americas and across the globe.      

This partnership builds on the significant progress Scotiabank has made on its cloud strategy over the last several years. By moving its customer data onto Google Cloud and leveraging its leading data analytics and AI solutions, Scotiabank will be able to: 

  • Leverage Data for Predictive Offers: The Bank will be able to process data faster, understand customer sentiment insights and deliver relevant offers in a timely manner. Using Google Cloud’s machine learning models, Scotiabank can reduce the time spent predicting customer offers from 14 days to just hours.
  • Improve Customer Interactions through AI: Through this partnership, Scotiabank is empowering its engineers and data scientists with Google AI solutions such as Natural Language Processing, Voice, and Vision capabilities to help the bank automate document processes and onboarding — ultimately improving customer interactions.
  • Unify Data Silos Across the Organization: The migration of data to Google Cloud will help remove data silos within the Bank, uncovering previously hidden insights that will allow the Bank to provide better financial advice to its customers. 

As a Scotiabank trusted cloud provider, Google Cloud will enable Scotiabank to run sensitive workloads in a highly secure cloud environment, while complying with the Bank’s security control objectives.

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