Foxconn Will Build Fisker Vehicles In Ohio Thanks To Deal To Buy GM Factory

Yesterday, Fisker and Foxconn made an announcement that Foxconn will build electric vehicles for Fisker Inc. at a former GM factory in Ohio. This will help to get Fisker vehicles to market with manufacturing to start in Q4 2023. I got this quote from Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc:

“We welcome the news from Foxconn, our co-investment partner on Project PEAR, concerning their manufacturing plans for the facility in Ohio. Achieving key program objectives such as time to market, access to a well-developed supplier ecosystem and overall cost targets were all important factors in the decision to locate manufacturing in Ohio. Since signing the agreement with Foxconn earlier this year, we have been working together intensively on all aspects of Project PEAR including design, engineering, supply-chain and manufacturing. Fisker’s commitment to volume manufacturing in the United States takes another important step forward today with the signing of this agreement.”

I’ll be keeping an eye on this as the EV market needs another player in it. And this deal will help to get those vehicles to market.

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