Review: Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for The iPhone 13

My wife loves the iPhone 13 that I got her. And the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case is something that I know that she will use on nights out on the town once the world stops ending. The case itself comes in a box that allows you to see all the qualities of the case easily:

One thing that I will note is that the inside of the case has a microfiber liner which adds class to the case. Here’s the case on my wife’s iPhone 13:

I deliberately used a flash to highlight the fact that this from the front allows you to still see the Product Red color of the iPhone 13. That’s something that my wife really liked as for her, having a Product Red iPhone is a personal statement for her. And the fact that this case is black accents it well. The edges the case around the screen is raised to protect the screen, and it worked fine with the Spigen screen protector that my wife uses.

The back of the case really does a great job of protecting the camera as it not only completely covers the camera module, but is slightly raised. In terms of the pocket on the back, I was able to put a credit card and drivers license which is what one would take if they were going out for the evening and they didn’t want to bring a wallet. It was a bit tight to get cards in and out of the pocket, but I would imagine that the leather will loosen up over time. Speaking of the leather, out of the box it had a nice smell to it, the case looks well assembled, and all the duplicate buttons worked perfectly. Plus the cutouts also have very tight tolerances and everything is either sewn or put together extremely well. I noted no flaws at all.

Now I reviewed this case last year when I got my iPhone 12 and there was one thing that I pointed out that Mujjo has addressed in this case:

The bottom of the case is now covered. That wasn’t the case last year. That will add a bit of extra protection for your phone. This one change moves this case into the top tier as far as I am concerned. Finally, in my opinion this case will survive a small drop of maybe two or three feet. But I would not want want to test anything over that.

Mujjo has a number of colors to fit your style and the case goes for €49.99. It’s a well made case that is very stylish. My wife gives it two thumbs up which means that you’ll like it as well.

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