A Coalition Of Nonprofits Team Up To Alter How Facebook Operates Instead Of Trying To #DeleteFacebook

A coalition of nonprofits today debuted HowToStopFacebook.org to alter how Facebook operates. Axios has the details:

The campaign hopes to take the outrage expressed by legislators over the revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen and translate it into action. The campaign is pushing for two goals: A Congressional investigation with subpoena power into harms caused by Facebook; and a strong federal data privacy law that makes it illegal for companies like Facebook and YouTube to collect the vast amounts of data they use to personalize recommendations. The more than 30 groups involved include Accountable Tech, Article 19, Center for Digital Democracy, Fairplay, Global Voices, Media Justice, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Presente, Public Knowledge, United We Dream, Ranking Digital Rights, SumOfUs, Win Without War, and the Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center.

You have to assume that Mark Zuckerberg is freaking out right now as nothing that his company has done has stopped the criticism from mounting against Facebook. But even this effort in my opinion isn’t enough because Facebook is simply too toxic and broken to be fix. What we all need to do is #DeleteFacebook so that it shrivels up and dies.

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