Trend Micro Expands Its Investments In Cloud Security For Canadian Businesses

Trend Micro today announced the launch of its Trend Micro Cloud One regional data center service hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada (Central) Region, to uphold data residency, safeguard data privacy and reduce business risk for Canadian organizations.

Owing to the agility that cloud brings, organizations are increasingly embracing it, making SaaS the preferred model for security solutions delivery. However, many customers face regulatory or policy-based concerns around the location of SaaS platforms or data storage for their workloads. Having a cloud data center within the country improves compliance and reduces friction for guidance and reporting requirements.

Trend Micro Cloud One is the company’s flagship cloud security services platform for protecting servers, resources, and applications in the cloud. The general availability announcement of the data center service in AWS Canada is part of Trend Micro’s commitment to supporting the business priorities of their customers.

Trend Micro chooses October as the launch date to raise awareness for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The all-in-one platform approach provides automated protection, which will protect Trend Micro’s customers throughout their cloud journey. Data residency and sovereignty concerns are no longer a roadblock for enterprises to leverage the company’s market-leading platform.  

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