Guest Post: Half Of Women Claim They Are Responsible For Tech Decisions At home Says NordVPN

Half of women (54%) consider themselves responsible for decisions on IT software purchases and solving tech issues, while a third feel comfortable delegating the task to their partners. This might include anything from purchasing a VPN to troubleshooting a malfunctioning device.

However, when men are asked the same question, 75% of them claim to be running tech-related questions, and only 14% of respondents admit they leave the responsibility to their other half.

The older women are, the more they consider themselves responsible for tech questions.

Young women are twice as likely to address their parents with tech issues, as compared to young men. In general, both genders between the ages 19 and 24 still lean on their parents the most for help with tech questions. 

Another interesting finding of the research is that 45- to 74-year-old women tend to delegate the responsibility of taking care of their software and its malfunctioning to their children, while men are less inclined to do so.

Despite not taking full responsibility for their digital tools, women are better at cybersecurity and protecting themselves online, research by NordPass suggests. Women are more concerned about the potential harm of their personal online accounts being hacked. They also tend to use unique passwords more often than men.

“The study by NordVPN only adds to that finding. Among those who admitted they are highly concerned about cybersecurity, women and men seemed to be equally concerned,” said Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN.

“The ever-growing demand for cybersecurity tools like VPN signals the rising awareness of the need to be protected online. From our customer surveys we know that approximately 80% of them choose NordVPN because of privacy and protection. This is a comforting trend, as more and more people take precautions to protect their netizenship,” says Daniel Markuson.

NordVPN’s survey of the adult population (1,000 respondents) in the US was carried out in August 2021. 

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