TelcoBridges Announces Media Gateway Interoperability Agreement With Metaswitch

TelcoBridges, a leading designer and manufacturer of carrier-grade VoIP gateways, today announced a comprehensive agreement with Metaswitch to certify versions of TelcoBridges Tmedia gateways for full interoperability with the widely-deployed Metaswitch Call Feature Server (CFS).  As part of the agreement, TelcoBridges will offer “Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks” as a software option/upgrade for existing and new Tmedia products, adding integration with Metaswitch’s MetaView Service Assurance Server for rapid call tracing and fault diagnosis. The new options will be available during the first half of 2022 once joint development and testing of the overall solution is complete.

TelcoBridges “Tmedia for Metaswitch Networks” represents a scalable offering for low and high-capacity solutions, ideally suited forexisting and new Metaswitch CFS networks requiring connectivity to SS7 networks, TDM interconnect, subscriber DS1, DS3, and STM1 interfaces. 

TelcoBridges Tmedia™ family of VoIP media gateways are a highly reliable solution for telephony service providers, interconnecting legacy TDM and modern VoIP networks.  Divided into three product series (TMG800™, TMG3200™ and TMG7800™), Tmedia provides a VoIP gateway solution to meet the needs of Carriers, CLECs, ILECs, ICX, Operators, MVNOs, MVNEs, and providers worldwide. Backed by a global 24×7 support team and a “no-EOL” policy, TelcoBridges Tmedia has demonstrated exceptional reliability and longevity.

More details on the Metaswitch CFS and MetaView Service Assurance Server are available at Metaswitch is a Microsoft Company.

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