Cybrella Partners With Neosec To Protect Today’s API-Driven Business Applications

Cybrella, a leading provider of specialized cybersecurity professional services utilizing in-depth knowledge of the attack landscape, today announced a partnership with Neosec to provide AI-based API security as part of the company’s services. The new partnership enables Cybrella’s customers to discover all APIs in use across their organization, analyze the behavior of those APIs, and prevent abuse or cyberthreats that may be exploiting them.

Modern applications are essentially all API-driven, and they frequently expose confidential and proprietary information through these North-south APIs as the company communicates with partners, suppliers, and other users. This presents a new attack surface that puts businesses at risk in a new and fundamentally different way. Conventional application security techniques are largely irrelevant against API exploits and abuses. However, Neosec’s new and innovative AI-based API Security Platform is an ideal solution to help businesses address these new API-based threats. Designed specifically to discover and secure all APIs used across the organization, without agents or sensors, Neosec gives security professionals visibility and control over their API infrastructure—preventing abuses and cyberattacks.

Organizations that contract with Cybrella for CISO as a Service, Application Security, or other cybersecurity services, can now benefit from Neosec’s innovative AI-based API security. This new partnership adds the following advantages for Cybrella customers:

  • API Discovery: Locate API usage across the entire enterprise, including those previously unknown.
  • Pinpoint Vulnerabilities: Identify those API’s within the organization that have vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or that exhibit other risks.
  • Fraud Reduction: Find unauthorized use or abuse of financial and other transactions.
  • Prevent Data Leakage: Detect data exfiltration and regulatory compliance violations.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Improve partner and customer experiences through better API performance and a reduction in errors.
  • Cloud-Based and Seamless Integration: An open and extensible SaaS solution that layers on top of your enterprise core security stack to provide a total integrated solution.
  • Implemented and Managed by Cybrella’s Experts: Cybrella’s Application Security and CISO as a Service packages remove the complexities of installation and on-going administration.

Application Security Services and Advisory CISO Services

Cybrella provides the deep security skill sets that organizations typically lack, and engages with existing staff to properly assess security needs, develop appropriate policies, and clearly define responsibilities. The company works closely with its clients and educates their employees in the process of developing and maintaining secure applications, including the use of APIs. In addition to Application Security Services, Cybrella’s Advisory CISO Service provides customers who lack in-house expertise with a dedicated CISO that operates as an integral part of their organization. The newly added API protection available through the Neosec partnership greatly contributes to both services. The Neosec platform adds an entirely new and powerful dimension to application security and provides CISOs and other network defenders with the visibility required to secure all of their API based interactions.

With these optimized security services and the Neosec platform, businesses can get the most out of every corporate dollar.

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