Nuspire Security Experts Witnessed A Significant Increase In Exploit Activity With Two New Vulnerabilities in Q3

Nuspire today announced the release of its 2021 Q3 Quarterly Threat Landscape Report. Sourced from 90 billion traffic logs, the report outlines new cybercriminal activity and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), with additional insight from its threat intelligence partner, Recorded Future.

In Q3 2021, Nuspire security experts witnessed an 82.6% increase in exploit activity, including a spike in activity against newer vulnerabilities; ProxyShell and ProxyLogon, which are two particularly aggressive vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Exchange Servers. 

Additional notable findings from Nuspire’s 2021 Q3 Threat Landscape Report include:

  • -71% decrease in VBA Agent Activity, likely due to threat actors re-tooling payloads in preparation for the Q4 2021/ Q1 2022 Holiday Season
  • Two previously unseen botnets have made their way into the top 5 most active in Q3. (XorDDOS and BadRabbit Botnets)
  • SMB & SSH Bruteforcing lead again in highest witnessed exploitation attempts in Q3

I spoke to Josh Smith of Nuspire about this and I got the following highlights out of our conversation:

  • Even though law enforcement is really dropping the hammer on gangs like Evil, organizations really need to step up their threat detection and response game. This report has some suggestions on that front that I really think that organizations can and should implement ASAP.
  • Ransomware is still the “low hanging fruit” because it’s so profitable and the use of botnets and VBA scripts to accomplish that simply illustrates that. It’s basically a “fire and forget” means to try and acquire victims which makes it a low effort/high reward proposition. It also means that these ransomware gangs will simply move on to the next potential target.

Clearly we still live in a universe where the threats are everywhere, and organizations need to protect themselves accordingly. Learn more about protecting your organization from increasing cyber threats by downloading Nuspire’s 2021 Q2 Threat Landscape Report.

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