Two Week Challenge: Ekster Aluminum Cardholder – One Week In

So I am one week into my challenge to use the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder which I have previously reviewed here as my daily wallet. Last week I figured out how to get all my cards into it and discovered that I was able to get everything that I actually used into this cardholder. I also found that it was much thinner than what I was used to carrying in terms of a wallet.This is a win for me as I never realized how bulky my wallet was because I was so used to it.

Now one question that I got over the last week was how do I carry cash? I have to admit that since the start of the pandemic, I rarely carry cash. But here’s how I do it with this cardholder:

I don’t think I will be carrying a lot of cash. But fitting 3 or 4 folded up bills doesn’t seem to be a problem.

One other thing that I did this week is that I pulled the trigger in terms of using the Ekster Tracker Card.

Here’s a look at the card by itself:

It’s powered by powered by Chipolo technology and it replaces the AirTag that was in my previous wallet. Setting it up amounted to downloading the Chipolo app for iOS and pairing it by pressing the button on the card. That’s the Ekster logo in the middle of the card. It’s thin and doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. And it will give me a shot at finding my wallet should I lose it. My one suggestion for Ekster would be to have a version of this tracker card that integrates with the Find My app on iOS. I say that because I have been transitioning to using AirTags which uses the Find My app on Apple products, and it would be nice if I don’t have to run one more app to keep track of my items. There’s also the fact that Chipolo has done exactly this with one of their products, so I assume that it must be possible with this card. Plus Ekster does make a fair amount of gear for Apple users. So it would be a natural fit in my mind.

Any complaints or grips? Not really at this point. Though I have to admit that I miss the ability to put things like parking receipts and the like in my wallet. But the flip side of that is it means that the wallet no longer becomes a black hole for stuff that stays in there for months for no good reason. So by having this cardholder, I am forcing myself to become more disciplined about what I keep and what I throw away.

I have one more week to go in this challenge and so far it’s been pretty positive thus far. I’ll report back in one week’s time with my final thoughts and if I will keep this cardholder as my daily driver. Stay tuned for that,.

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