The Most Wonderful Time of Year for… Email Fraud 

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s also the busiest time of the year for online shopping. It’s also the season when cybercriminals bank on people being in a rush and distracted during this hectic season, and therefore more likely to fall victim to a scam, allowing them to cash in.

Now both AARP and FBI have tips on how to avoid scams like these. But it’s not just individuals who are targets for this sort of thing. Businesses are also targets. Mike Jones, product manager at Agari by HelpSystems has this advice for businesses who want to protect themselves:

“It’s not just individuals who are at risk. Businesses often suffer insurmountable losses in brand trust, credibility, and email deliverability, as well as millions of dollars of revenue from both fraudulent and legitimate purchases. If people fall prey to someone who has impersonated a brand, that business suffers, because every real email they send may now not be trusted. Plus, loyal or new customers might not feel safe coming to the legitimate website to make a purchase. 

Employees need to think carefully before responding to emails. Would the CFO really want you to send them gift cards? Of course not, but would a trusted supplier change their bank account details? Perhaps. Suspicious emails should be reported to your security operations team immediately so they can be verified, and, if found to be a scam, other employees can be warned.”

It may be the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have your head on a swivel. Threats are out there and you need to be careful so that you protect yourself.

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