Follow Up Review: AirPods Pro With MagSafe Case

After reviewing the AirPods Pro With MagSafe Case, I have found a few observations that I’d like to share, as well as a feature that I didn’t cover in my original review.

The first observation is that when I used these to watch some YouTube videos using my 16″ MacBook Pro, I noticed that the spatial audio was live. When I turned my head away from the screen, the AirPods Pro would trick my brain into thinking that the audio was coming from the left or the right. It’s kind of cool. While I might not leverage this feature every day, I may use the free trial of Apple Music that came with the AirPods Pro to try some tracks with Dolby Atmos and spatial audio just to see how good this feature really is.

The second observation is with this case, I found this case to be insanely slippery. Especially if your hands have moisture on them. My concern is that if they slip out of my hands, the case will crack or scratch. Thus I was forced to get this case to protect the case and give it some extra grip. Apple might be well served to come up with a case that didn’t have this issue.

Then there’s a fit. I spent this week trying all the sets of ear tips that come with the AirPods Pro and settled on the large ones. This was a good combination of comfort and having them stay in my ears. In my case, the medium ear tips were not snug enough, and the small ones were way too loose. I would suggest that anyone who buys these spend some time to find the ear tips that works best for them. One other thing on this front. Removing them will scare the crap out of you as you really have to pull on them to remove them. But once you do this a couple of times, you’ll have no issue going forward.

Finally there’s transparency mode. I have to admit, it’s kind of freaky how good it is. And compared to the wireless earbuds that I used as a comparison as it has a similar feature, it crushed those rather easily as it sounded really natural. So this in my mind push the AirPods Pro further ahead.

The bottom line is that the AirPods Pro is still a good pair of wireless earbuds. They’re expensive, but given the features that they come with, the sound quality, and how well they work with the Apple ecosystem, they are worth it.

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