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Software development company has released a study that analyzes the healthtech capabilities of 85 global cities. As a company that helps organizations use technology for positive impact in multiple industries including healthcare, Moove It decided to conduct a study to identify which global locations have the most developed healthtech ecosystems. To do this, they assessed each city against a range of factors related to investment, corporate infrastructure, human capital, and their healthtech credentials in different sectors.

How the study was conducted:

Moove It began the study by identifying a list of indicators that signal whether or not a city is a leading healthtech location, incorporating investment, corporate infrastructure, human capital and sector expertise. Then, they shortlisted thousands of global cities that are prominent in the healthcare space, before choosing the 50 highest ranking US cities and the 35 highest ranking cities located outside of the US to analyze and compare.

The first factor they looked at was research and development funding in each city, with a particular focus on private institutions, healthcare institutes, governmental research bodies and universities.

Next, they assessed the current healthcare landscape by assessing the numbers of active healthtech startups and healthcare legacy corporations in each city. They also studied the amount of funding given to healthtech companies and the number of people employed in this area.

Following this, Moove It compared the salary levels of healthtech workers in each city, to gauge where workers are paid the most and the least for the same types of job roles.

To conclude the study, the researchers analysed data on company size and funding to identify which cities are the healthtech capitals of different sectors. The following healthtech sectors were assessed: telemedicine, mental health & psychology, biometric data gathering, prosthetics, health data & analysis, dental care, medical vision & imaging, hearing aids, gynaecology, eye care, cardiovascular, dermatology, and nutrition.

The resulting index reveals which cities have the most mature and advanced healthtech ecosystems, and which are the healthtech leaders of different healthcare sectors.

You can find the full results and methodology here:, but here are some highlights with a particular focus on Toronto Canada:

The table below reveals a sample of results for the top 10 cities for healthtech out of the 85 cities in the index. All scores are out of 100, with 100 being the highest possible score and 50 being the lowest.

The tables below reveal a sample of results for the 10 cities with the highest levels of R&D funding in healthtech and those with the highest number of healthtech startups:

The tables below show the 10 cities with the highest number of healthcare legacy corporations, and those which have the highest rates of private funding and employment in healthtech:

The tables below compare how much healthtech workers are paid for the same healthtech job roles. The table on the left reveals the 10 cities with the highest salary levels, and the 10 cities with the lowest salary levels:

The tables below reveal the global capitals of telemedicine and the global capitals of mental health & psychology:

Moove It is a leading technology consulting firm that blends strategy, design and software engineering services for organizations that want to make a transformative and positive impact through modern native digital experiences. Find out more at

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