PossibleNOW Integrates Its Leading Do-Not-Call   Compliance Platform DNCSolution® With Five9

PossibleNOW, a leading provider of consumer regulatory compliance and consent and preference management solutions, announced today it has made its Do-Not-Call (DNC) compliance platform technology DNCSolution® available to Five9 and its customers. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Five9 is an industry-leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, bringing the power of cloud innovation to more than 2,000 customers worldwide.

DNCSolution provides compliance with all contact methods, including call, e-mail, text, and mail. The platform provides a safe and secure way of scrubbing contact lists and databases against federal- and state-maintained Do Not Contact registries such as Do Not Call, Do Not Email, Do Not Text, and Do Not Mail. DNCSolution helps mitigate the risk of being out of compliance with TCPA, CASL, and CAN-SPAM regulations. 

Regulators are placing closer scrutiny and measures to ensure call centers, telemarketers and telephone platform providers maintain compliance with new rules and regulations concerning updates to telephone number scrub lists along with companies’ ability to regularly update these lists. 

According to a recent survey published in MassLive, of 3,063 telecommunication providers in the U.S., only 17% said they have completely implemented industry-standard technology, according to the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group. Twenty-seven percent said they partially implemented the technology and 56% said they [are] using their own methods to manage robocalls. 

PossibleNOW also conducted its own survey of more than 500 business decision makers recently and found that 76% are either unfamiliar or unsure of the recently updated Florida Telemarketing Act (SB 1120) that extends beyond certain limitations of the TCPA. Another 51% said, they are unsure if they have new procedures in place to comply with the new Florida Telemarketing Act.

PossibleNOW’s technology, processes and services enable relevant, trusted, and compliant interactions between businesses and the people they serveWe gain customer insights through Voice-of-Customer research to understand the expectations and emotions influencing customer behavior. We leverage that understanding when deploying MyPreferences to collect and utilize zero-party data such as customer consent, preferences, and insights across the enterprise, resulting in highly relevant and personalized experiences. DNCSolution addresses Do Not Contact regulations such as TCPA, CAN-SPAM and CASL, allowing companies to adhere to DNC requirements, backed by our 100% compliance guarantee. 

PossibleNOW’s strategic consultants take a holistic approach leveraging years of experience when creating strategic roadmaps, planning technology deployments, and designing customer interfaces. Visit www.PossibleNOW.com to learn more.

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