ViiV Healthcare & Shutterstock Studios Aim To Change The World’s Perception Of People Living With HIV

Since launching ‘HIV in View’, a royalty-free photo gallery featuring images of real people living with HIV, a year ago, ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios have continued to capture empowering images that authentically portray the reality of living with HIV today.  Far from reflecting the fear once associated with HIV, the gallery is filled with inspiring examples of just how much things have changed for many people living with HIV.

In celebration of 2021 World AIDS Day, the ‘HIV in View’ gallery now features photos including key and underserved populations living with HIV around the world. The geographic scope of the collection now spans the globe, from Europe to North and South America, Africa, and East Asia. The year 2021 has also seen the launch of video footage added to the gallery.

The ‘HIV in View’ gallery is produced by Shutterstock and created in collaboration with ViiV Healthcare. All images can be downloaded royalty free here:

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