Guest Post: Almost 100k Americans Fell Victim To Credit Card Fraud In 2021 Q3 Says Atlas VPN

Credit card fraud has become one of the most popular ways for criminals to make a quick buck. Credit card identity theft is relatively easy to carry out, and it’s also significantly less risky than traditional types of crimes, which is why it’s the most common type of identity theft in the last quarter.

Data extracted and analyzed by Atlas VPN reveals that 97 thousand Americans were the victims of credit card fraud in Q3 2021. This type of identity theft most commonly victimized people ages 30-39.

The analysis is based on the complaints submitted to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) via their official website Here, US citizens can report identity theft and get help by receiving a personal identity theft recovery plan.

The FTC received 263 thousand identity theft reports in the third quarter of 2021. More than a third of those – 37%, were identity theft complaints concerning credit card fraud.

The majority of the victims belong to the age group of 30-39. As many as 27 thousand victims were in this age group, representing 34% of the total. 

The second most affected group was in the age brackets of 40-49 and 20-29, with 18 thousand and 17 thousand victims, respectively.

How is credit card fraud carried out?

Apart from being less risky than other crimes, credit card fraud is attractive to criminals because it is relatively easy to carry out. On top of that, profits are substantial and immediate due to the nature of the crime.

We will cover the steps the thief has to complete to carry out credit card fraud for educational purposes.

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