Ahead Of National App Day, Here’s The Story Of A Canadian Who Helped To Launch OnStar Guardian App In Canada

Earlier this year, the OnStar Guardian mobile app launched to all Canadians. So now, anyone can have the peace of mind OnStar provides for you and your family whether in your car, a friend’s car, rideshare, or just out walking.

A quick reminder of what OnStar Guardian brings to the table:

  • Mobile Crash Response
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Share access to critical OnStar safety and security services with up to seven of your loved ones
  • Location Status
  • Favourite Locations and added functionality to Location Status
    • Allows members to save and share favorite locations on the app’s embedded map and receive notifications for when loved ones leave and arrive at their destination
  • The Red Emergency Button
    • Allows members to connect to an Emergency-Certified OnStar advisor for assistance or to report an emergency on someone else’s behalf
  • The OnStar Guardian subscription is $15 per month

Now for some shameless Canadian flag waving. A GM Canadian Product Manager, Fred Dixon was actually the driving force in bringing this app to Canada. This means, Fred was the person to Canadianize all of the app’s functions from maps, to legal, to transactions and even language. After all, for Canada, the app needs to be fully integrated with both French and English.

Biggest roadblock: “Developing a new interface to extend the app to all Canadians, not just GM owners”, says Fred Dixon, Global Connected Services Product Manager. “The Canadian Guardian team built a whole new interface that allows us to communicate with non-GM owners in the same way we do with GM vehicle owners.”

Biggest win: Fred Dixon highlights “being able to provide an outstanding service and experience when it comes to personal safety for everyone. With OnStar Guardian, anyone, in any vehicle, friend’s vehicle or Uber, is covered with OnStar’s peace of mind.”

I recently had a demo of OnStar Guardian and I will be doing a write up about it soon. Please stay tuned for that.

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