A Pair Of Senators Are Calling For Facebook To Be Investigated…. Perhaps They Want To #DeleteFacebook ?

Two leading U.S. Senators “are urging federal regulators to investigate Facebook over allegations the company misled advertisers, investors and the public about public safety and ad reach on its platform,”:

On Thursday, Warren urged the heads of the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission to open criminal and civil investigations into Facebook or its executives to determine if they violated U.S. wire fraud and securities laws. 

A day earlier, [Senator Maria] Cantwell, chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, encouraged the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Facebook, now called Meta, violated the agency’s law against unfair or deceptive business practices. Cantwell’s letter was made public on Thursday.

Facebook hasn’t responded to this, but this can’t be going over well with Zuckerberg and company. The last thing that they want is even more scrutiny above and beyond what they are already under. And seeing that 2022 is an election year in the US, I fully expect more calls for investigations into Facebook will be made. And one of those is sure to stick.

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