7 Cloud Vulnerabilities Are Endangering Your Data Says Kratikal Blogs

Kratikal Blogs has released 7 Cloud Vulnerabilities Endangering Your Data, the list includes:

  • Lack of Multi-factor authentication for Privileged Users
  • No Multi-factor Authentication to Join Devices=
  • Open S3 Bucket
  • Incomplete Data Deletion
  • Lambda Command Injection
  • Insecure APIs
  • Failure of Separation Among Multiple Tenants

None of this is trivial if you are using the cloud for anything. Edward Roberts, VP of Marketing, Neosec agrees:

“The move to cloud has certainly highlighted new security issues but not everything is a problem because of a vulnerability. For example, organizations are exposing APIs by design and worrying only about insecure APIs misses the full picture. The abuse of APIs by bad actors is also a growing problem. Because APIs expose your core business, think user accounts for a bank, reservations for hospitality, payment processing for merchants, they are increasingly under attack from bad actors. The crown jewels of data are transmitted by an organization’s APIs. Ignoring the behavior on your APIs is not an option. APIs will be your largest undefended attack surface.”

A lot of companies have moved to the cloud due to the pandemic. That means that they should read this blog and give their cloud environment a once over.

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