eleven-x’s New eXactpark Solution Will Provide Real-Time Parking Data To Cities, Campuses And Private Organizations

eleven-x, a global supplier of wireless IoT solutions, is excited to announce the launch of eXactpark, its newest sensor-based smart parking solution. This game-changing innovative solution will help municipalities, campuses and private organizations drive additional revenues, reduce costs, and ensure a great experience for drivers. eleven-x’s patent-pending, real-time stall occupancy sensor is the key enabling technology for better understanding of how parking assets are being used and for enabling new capabilities designed to improve operations. 

With industry-leading accuracy and unsurpassed reliability, eXactpark offers the lowest cost-per space solution available on the market. Once implemented, this solution will enable seamless parking experiences through proper wayfinding, providing drivers with real-time information on space availability and location. The data it generates will be essential for creating actionable analytics integral to asset management and program planning. 

eleven-x’s smart parking solution is also a critical tool to manage parking compliance and enforcement. Sensors enable alerts to compliance officers when vehicles are in contravention of parking conditions, allowing for more efficiency whether it be a warning or parking ticket. 

This innovative smart parking solution uses LoRaWAN®, a low-power technology that offers longer battery life for sensors and reduced maintenance costs. Providing industry-leading battery life and unsurpassed reliability, eXactpark’s SPS-X sensor uses a combination of wireless technologies and  artificial intelligence to accurately determine the occupancy status of every parking stall. The eXactpark software platform easily integrates with other smart parking technologies and provides historical and real-time data to ensure effective management of parking spaces while optimizing compliance revenues and improving operations.

With the exponential growth of vehicular traffic in cities, it is essential that municipalities, campuses and organizations implement smart parking solutions to better manage traffic flow and provide parking guidance. By incorporating IoT solutions into a smart parking management system, it will be possible to extract valuable data to enhance revenues, streamline operations and improve the customer experience. 

eXactpark is available now and installations have already begun for organizations including the Town of Oakville, City of Stratford, City of Spruce Grove and the University of British Columbia. For more information about eleven-x and its sensor-based stall occupancy monitoring solution, visit www.exactpark.com. .

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