HelpSystems Offers Up Predictions For 2022

Well, it’s been quite the year on the cybersecurity front. And to be frank, with threats like Log4Shell, that’s likely to make 2022 quite the year as well. To get more detail on what that might look like, here’s three predictions from HelpSystems that make for some interesting reading.

Joe Vest, Tech Director – Cobalt Strike by HelpSystems

“The prevalent cybersecurity testing model that I call, ‘find the bad, fix the bad,’ will continue to dominate in 2022, and many organizations will remain steps behind the threat. If we could patch our way out of this problem, we would’ve solved security many years ago. Unfortunately, much of the advice and testing models keeps us steps behind the threat. There’s a great deal of time, money and energy spent designing and operation a security operations program. By only concentrating on fixing flaws, we just measure our ability to prevent – and 100% prevention is unrealistic. The motto, ‘prevent first, detect always,’ must be adopted as a core preset for secure security operations programs. Remember, the goal of security is not to stop a hack. The goal is to prevent, detect and respond to a threat actor before they successfully achieve their goal. It’s time we pushed back on the threat and moved beyond fixing the flaws.”

Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems

“There’s a shortage of IT staff in the cybersecurity industry. We know that CISOs and other cybersecurity professionals are really trying to staff up their team to help combat all the bad hackers around the globe. I’m thinking that as we roll through 2022 that one of the better practices would be to apply automation – things like robotic process automation, workload automation, enterprise scheduling – those kinds of practices should be used as we look at mundane, repetitive cybersecurity processes that we’re doing, and we may be able to augment the shortage in staff with a good set of automation products alongside of cybersecurity.”

“2022 is the year that C suite recognize that they are getting further and further behind on their security projects. They’ll start to turn to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and enterprise automation to help their teams become more productive in the battle against the cybercriminals. If they cannot hire talent, automation allows them to augment this deficiency. This effort takes SOAR (security orchestration automation and response) to a new level.”

Brian Pick, Managing Director of Managed File Transfer – HelpSystems

“Organizations will continue to look closely at how to minimize any type of data breach. This includes a close examination of how they are exchanging data/files with third parties. For example, we’re seeing a lot of inquiries that relate to organizations taking a closer look at any processes that require someone to manually secure a file before it’s exchanged. This could include having a programmer write a script to transfer a file securely or someone using a PC application to encrypt the file first before sending it. Security personnel are looking for a consistent, reliable and auditable process for securely exchanging files that help prevent data.”

It will be interesting to see how their predictions play out in 2022 as I know that many will be keeping track.

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