White House To Software Industry: We Need Your Help To Improve Security

Happy holidays to cybersecurity types out there. I say that because White House officials are asking major software companies and developers to work with them to improve the security of open-source software:

The invitation follows the disclosure of a vulnerability in popular open-source Apache software that cybersecurity officials have described as one of the most serious in recent memory. In a letter Thursday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan invited major players in the software industry to discuss initiatives to improve open-source software security, the official said. Dozens of open-source software projects have become crucial components of global commerce and are mostly maintained by volunteers. The effort will start with a one-day discussion in January hosted by Anne Neuberger, the deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology, according to the official. In the letter, Sullivan wrote that open-source software has accelerated the pace of innovation but pointed out that the fact that it is broadly used and maintained by volunteers is a “combination that is a key national security concern, as we are experiencing with the Log4j vulnerability,” the official said.

This is a good move by the White House as something needs to be done about the state of security on all fronts. And this is a good place to start as it may be one reason why everyone can look forward to a happier new year.

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