Classic BlackBerry Products Are Officially Dead

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen one of these posts over the last few months:

Well, today is January 4th 2022, which marks the day that classic BlackBerry products die. Or put another way, classic BlackBerry products running versions of BlackBerry OS will no longer work for calls, text messages, data, and emergency functionality. Which means that they are basically bricks at this point.

Now personally, I don’t know anyone who still have these devices. Thus this should be a non-event. Except perhaps for Ontario Premier Doug Ford who apparently keeps a stack of them around because he doesn’t want to switch to a new device. Now he has no choice but to get with the times and use a device that is current and that actually works. Though the Province of Ontario is about to go into another lockdown to stop the massive wave of the Omicron variant of COVID, so he might have other things on his mind rather than considering whether he joins Team Android or Team iOS.

If you need more info about the EOL of classic BlackBerry products by BlackBerry, this link will give you all the info that you need.

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