Adriano Lands At CES & receives The Innovation Award Honoree & Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Domethics is an innovative Italian startup engaged in the design and implementation of IoT products and services, with a special focus on smart-home products and services, smart devices, elderly care and tele medical assistance.

Domethics is attending the next Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which runs January 5-8, 2021, to introduce Adriano, the IoT device that transforms each smartphone, tablet or smart TV into a powerful and low-cost gateway to control every home smart device via one designated app. Adriano already won the Innovation Award Honoree 2022 – “Smart Home” at the 2022 CES Innovation Awards, where Domethics ran as the only Italian contender to the title.

Adriano allows consumers to use old and outdated systems, giving them a second life. In order to do so, Adriano talks to other smart devices via a dedicated app which includes features such as Energy Management, Elderly Care, Home Automation and all Smart Working-related actions.

Moreover, Adriano works alongside smart thermostats, smart thermostatic valves, light bulbs and electrical outlets managed via radio. Thus, the device allows users to adjust home temperatures or supervise electricity consumption according to their needs, with a cut-down rate of 30% on waste and inefficiency.

By lifting the burden of physical activity and house management, Adriano can also be of help to the elderly and fragile, supervising day-to-day tasks: from opening gates and electrical roller shutters, to adjusting air quality and managing other appliances – Adriano will benefit the users with all the comforts of automation and no cables to pull.

Check out this short video to see what Adriano can bring to your smart home and learn how you can rescue that drawer of old phones from a lifetime in a landfill. Check out their just launched Kickstarter campaign here.

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