Ring Announces New Customizations to Its Award Winning Alarm System

Today, Ring announced the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor, the first sensor of its kind from Ring. Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor enables households and businesses with Ring Alarm to monitor glass windows or doors for break in attempts. The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor leverages AI technology to accurately detect valid glass break events like windows being smashed or cracked and dismiss false alarms like jingling keys or clattering dishes. At $49.99 CAD it is available for Pre-Order today, January 5 and will be available for purchase on February 16.

Home security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For Ring, real smart security is based on a customer’s needs and preferences, and customers have the control to create unique home security systems using a mix of devices and features that specifically address their needs. With Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor, Ring is able to give customers even more choice when building the alarm system that works best for them.

You can find out more via this blog post from Ring.

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