Mozilla Is Going To Track Facebook Tracking You Via A Study With Journalists

This should be interesting.

Mozilla has announced that they are starting a study and it involves figuring out how Facebook tracks you:

In a collaboration between journalists at The Markup and Mozilla researchers, this study seeks to map Facebook’s pixel tracking network and understand the kinds of information it collects on sites across the web. The Markup will use the data collected in this study to create investigative journalism around the kinds of information Facebook collects about you, and where.


According to its own privacy policy, Facebook may collect information about you across the web even if you don’t have a Facebook account. One way Facebook performs this tracking is through a network of “pixels” that may be installed on many of the sites you visit. By joining this study, you will help Rally and The Markup investigate and report on where Facebook is tracking you and what kind of information they are collecting.

Now this is going to be very interesting to see what data Facebook is actually collecting as I am pretty sure that they are likely not being truthful about that. But I guess we’re about to find out. If you want to participate, you will need to download Mozilla Rally which is a browser extension that will collect data sent out by Facebook’s pixels as you browse across the web. Aside from that data, the extension also keeps track of the time spent on different web pages, the URLs that the browser visits, and more. Mozilla was quick to note in its announcement that the only data being exported from the extension will be de-identified, and not shared with any third parties besides the Markup’s reporters. And I believe that as I have a lot more trust in Mozilla than I do in Facebook.

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