Guest Post: It’s Data Privacy Week from January 24th-28th: Learn How Private Your Data Really Is

As the line between our offline and online lives continues to blur, Data Privacy Week  from  January 24th-28th  is the little push we need at the start of the year to make safeguarding our personal information a priority. Although we live in an increasingly digital world, most of us give little thought to data privacy until after our personal data has been compromised.

Our increased reliance on digital technologies to manage every facet of life provides the need to rethink what we share about our lives and how to protect our most vulnerable information. From phishing attacks to wide-spread data breaches, key threats exist that put our important information at risk. Lookout, the leader in delivering integrated Security, Privacy, and Identity Theft Protection solutions, can help  ensure that your devices and data remain private while enjoying the best  technology has to offer. 

To help ensure your important data stays secure and private, Lookout recommends:

  1. Guarding your personal data & sharing information only when needed: Think twice before you share your personal data. Consider why a company is requesting your email address and what they might do with it before you enter it online. If a store asks for your birth date, driver’s license or phone number, you can decline to share that information.
  2. Staying vigilant about online scams & phishing attacks‍: Online phishing attacks and scams are becoming increasingly hard to discern with the naked eye; remember that not everything you see online is real. If a text message or email is written with extreme urgency, or asks you to send money or take action regarding your account, stop and go directly to the source to validate whether it is legitimate.  
  3. Downloading a dedicated mobile security softwarelike Lookout Security, Privacy & Identity Protection – to secure against digital threats, including phishing attacks, malware and identity theft.

All consumers can also scan their email for FREE on Lookout’s website to learn about breaches that may have leaked their personal data and take immediate action to secure their information. 

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