KAYAK Reveals 38% Of Employed Gen Z’s in Canada Plan To Take A Workcation For A Change Of Scenery In 2022

According to a new survey from KAYAK, more than one quarter (27 per cent) of employed Canadians plan to take a workcation (i.e. working remotely from a different location) in 2022. This trend is even more prominent amongst Gen Z’s (aged 18-24), with 38 per cent planning to take a workcation this year. To capture this growing demand for blending the flexibility of remote work with leisure travel, KAYAK is launching an interactive “Work from Wherever” Guide to help those interested in taking a workcation find the best place to go based on their personal style.

Who needs a workcation

According to the survey, one quarter (25 per cent) of employed Canadians feel burned out from their current job and the same amount (25 per cent) have fantasized about quitting their jobs. To support those looking for a change of scenery to reignite their day-to-day motivation, KAYAK’s new tool is here to help. 

Featuring data-driven insights on the most popular destinations to work remotely, KAYAK’s “Work from Wherever” Guide aims to help personalize where to workcation in 2022. From the average price of a flight, hotel and rental car to the internet speed and compatible timezones, KAYAK took a number of factors into account to determine the best place to workcation based on Canadians’ personal and professional needs.

The guide also features a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive two, Economy, round-trip Air Canada flight tickets for anywhere the airline flies, plus $7,400 in gift cards to put toward their own workcation.

Where to workcation 

From European favourites like Lisbon (Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain) to Central American hotspots like Santa Teresa (Costa Rica) and Bocas Del Toro (Panama), metropolitan cities with nearby beach escapes (for quick weekend trips) are where Canadians are searching to travel in 2022.

Whether you’re considering a workcation now or in the future, KAYAK has additional tools to help you plan your trip confidently. Check out KAYAK’s Travel Restrictions Page which provides country level details on vaccination rates as well as KAYAK’s recent partnership with CLEAR offering an easy way to show proof of vaccination before traveling internationally.

** Remote employees should check with their employers for any immigration, tax considerations, etc. when debating whether to work remotely from another destination **

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