WARNING: A Geek Squad #Scam Is Making The Rounds

Today I had to jump into a situation where one of my clients got this email from someone claiming to be Geek Squad:

She called the number and when they started to ask about the passwords to her Google accounts, her credit card info, and some other personal info, she hung up. Then she phoned me.

Good call as this is a scam. Ignoring the fact that the fonts and the logos are not consistent with the Geek Squad brand, that this seems to clearly come from someone with a South Asian background (based on words like “queries” and phrases like “continue taking our service” and “for the last one year”) as that’s where these scams often originate from, and the lack of use of a toll free number, there’s these other telltale signs:

If you look at the From address, it is sent from a @gmail.com address. Best Buy who owns Geek Squad would never, ever use an @gmail.com address to send anything. The second thing is that this is not addressed to the end customer. Based on the To field, It is addressed to dearcustomer@geeksquad.com. Again Geek Squad would never do this. That implies that this is a phishing attempt. As in they send this email to hundreds or thousands of people hoping that 1% fall for the scam. Because a scam doesn’t have to be successful in volume to be successful. 

Thus if you get one of these emails, ignore it, delete it, and go about your day.

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