Another Day…. Another Email #Scam…. This Time The Targets Are Customers Of Shaw

Today’s scam alert revolves around an email that you might get that claims to be from Shaw:

Now, let’s ignore the fact that I am not a Shaw customer for a second. Which should be the first sign that this is a scam. And let’s ignore that this was sent directly to me, which makes it a targeted scam that concerns me a bit. And finally let’s ignore that the last sentence is grammatically incorrect (“please make payment immediately”) the big hint that this is a scam is this:

When I hover my mouse over one of the links, it comes back with this. Which could be a redirect to a website to steal your credit card details, or a means to download malware of some sort. I don’t know and I don’t care as I am not going to click it to find out. The bottom line is that it is not which is Shaw’s account page. So this is a scam. Guaranteed. That means that if you get one of these emails, your best route is to delete it and move on with your life. Oh yeah, don’t click on any links either.

I will be alerting Shaw to this just in case they are not aware of this scam and hopefully they will get the word out to their customer base as they are clearly being used to scam the unsuspecting.

UPDATE: There’s one other sign that this is a scam:

This is the email address that the email came from. That’s not Shaw. Thus it’s a big red flag that should tell you that this is a scam.

UPDATE #2: Shaw replied to this rather quickly with some good advice and a request. First the advice:

Hey there. Thanks for taking the time out to share this with us. Please do not click the link or reply to the email. Shaw will never request for you to confirm your personal information unsolicitied by email. We are aware of a recent influx of phishing emails and appreciate you letting us know. Of course Shaw will never request account or personal details via email.

They also requested that I send the email and the headers to their Internet Abuse department. Hopefully they can use that info to do something about this scam.

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