Legacy G Suite Users Will Be Able To Migrate To Free Accounts

Last week I posted a story about Google announcing  it is getting rid of the G Suite legacy free edition. And Google will transition all remaining users to an upgraded Google Workspace paid subscription based on your usage. That sparked outrage and had a law firm sniffing around for a possible class action lawsuit. At the time I said this:

Now if you’re affected by this, you can reach out to the attorneys involved in the case. Though this news alone might make Google reconsider what it is doing as it likely pocket change to keep things the way they are, and far more expensive to fight a class action lawsuit.

Surprise! They reconsidered:

There is hope for users of Google’s “legacy” free G Suite accounts. Last week, Google announced a brutal policy change—it would shut down the Google Apps accounts of users who signed up during the first several years when the service was available for free. Users who had a free G Suite account were given two options: start paying the per-user monthly fee by July 2022 or lose your account.

Naturally, this move led to a huge outcry outside (and apparently inside) Google, and now, the company seems to be backing down from most of the harsher terms of the initial announcement. First, Google is launching a survey of affected G Suite users—apparently, the company is surprised by how many people this change affected. Second, it’s promising a data-migration option (including your content purchases) to a consumer account before the shutdown hits.

There’s a support page that details these changes. And the survey that I spoke of can be found here. I’d love to hear from people that are affected by this to know what they think of this change. Which Google made quietly. Likely to avoid drawing any more attention to this.

2 Responses to “Legacy G Suite Users Will Be Able To Migrate To Free Accounts”

  1. The new change offered by Google doesn’t help many… Families that had a family domain still lose that and, importantly, non-profit / volunteer organisations, like Scout Groups etc., who may have been running their organisation’s email on this platform for 15 years will lose all of that functionality. The fact is that for those signing up prior to 2012 or whenever the change was, were all promised that they could have Google for your Domain free FOREVER… Google needs to keep its promises – if they were possibly every going to say years down the track that the situation has changed, then they should not have promised in the first place… once they’ve made the promise they need to stick to it.

  2. […] around for a big payday. That led to Google flip flopping on that to a degree and announcing that Legacy G Suite Users would be able to migrate to free accounts. But that didn’t calm the waters. Here’s a comment that was left on that […]

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