How Move Your Playlists From Spotify To Apple Music & Tidal…. And More

Seeing as there’s a lot of people who are dumping Spotify to move to services such as Apple Music because they aren’t happy about Spotify’s stance on having Joe Rogan who spreads COVID and vaccine mis-information on his podcast (see here and here for my stories on this), it seemed inevitable that I would get questions about how to move playlists from Spotify to Apple Music or Tidal. The reality is that it is very easy. But the key thing to note is that you need to do this before you show Spotify the door. Because after you dump them, it’s too late to do this.

One of the services that is recommended for this purpose is a web based service called Soundiiz. They have a free tier of service and two paid tiers which you can see here. But if you don’t mind moving one playlist at a time, the free tier is all you need. The reason why I am recommending this service (and in the interest of transparency I am not sponsored by them in any way) is that during the research for this article, it seems to be the one that comes up a lot and people are happy with. And it supports both Apple Music and Tidal, along with a number of other services. Using it is easy via their website and they have tutorials to help you along the process. For example, here’s the tutorial to move from Spotify to Apple Music. And here’s the one to move from Spotify to Tidal. Again, if you use their free option, you can only move one playlist at a time. But unless you have hundreds of playlists, I think you’ll be fine with that.

Another option for iOS users is an app called SongShift which is in the App Store. The free version will let you transfer one playlist at a time, while upgrading to SongShift Pro lets you transfer multiple playlists at once in a wizard driven manner. Again, my research indicates that people are happy with this service and this is also worth a look. The only catch is that it supports less services than Soundiiz. But the two biggest players not named Spotify are one the list so I think that’s a non-issue.

If you can come up with alternate ways to move your playlists from Spotify, please leave them in the comments and share your wisdom with others.

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