Review: Kensington Studio Caddy

With most of us still working from home in whole or in part, it means that our work from home setups have to be top shelf so that we’re productive as possible. And that often means having as much functionality as possible while taking up as little space as possible. That’s where the Kensington Studio Caddy comes in.

From top left to bottom right you get a stand for your laptop and iPad, a dual wireless charger, some adapters to hold different iPhone models for the wireless charger, a power adapter and plugs for different countries.

I want to now focus on the dual wireless adapter part of this:

On one side you get USB-C (20W) and USB-A (12W) plugs. Perfect for charging other devices such as Apple Watch or an iPad.

On the other side there’s a power button and the plug for the power adapter.

The wireless chargers are on the top. On the left is a wireless charger that is perfectly sized for a set of AirPods. Though just for fun, I put my iPhone 12 Pro on it and it started charging. The right side is for a phone and adapters come with this to ensure that you have a perfect fit. Each charger can do up to 10W of charging. I have to say that whatever material Kensington uses on this charger really feels premium along with the brushed aluminium.

So there’s a couple of ways that you can use this setup. Now if you’re like me and you use a MacBook Pro, you can use it to hold the MacBook Pro in clamshell mode so it frees up space on your desk.

So as you see here I have my MacBook in clamshell mode while I am charging an iPhone and AirPods Pro. You’ll note the blue lights at the bottom that indicate that the wireless stand is charging. Now the stand can hold not only a MacBook, but it can also hold an iPad. Thus all your devices are covered. Both parts of this attach magnetically and nothing moves around easily on your desk which is a good thing.

The two lights on the front are at a good intensity level and won’t be distracting in a dimly lit room. But the power button on the left is a bit brighter, which may make it a bit distracting in a dimly lit room as illustrated here:

Now if having a MacBook and iPad stand isn’t your thing, you can use just the charger by itself:

And of course, you can use both parts separately to fit whatever your workspace happens to allow. In other words it’s versatile and I am sure that you can find a set up that works for you. Expect to pay $179.99 USD for this handy addition to your work from home setup.

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