Atlas VPN Adds Support For Next-Generation WireGuard protocol

Virtual private network provider Atlas VPN has introduced support for the state of the art WireGuar protocol, which aims to be a more modern, faster, and secure alternative to existing legacy protocols. The protocol is available to all Atlas VPN users on Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, and macOS apps.

WireGuard’s lean code base, which provides a low attack surface and is easy to audit, as well as modern cryptography, place less load on VPN servers than older protocols, resulting in higher server performance. This way, WireGuard can offer lower latency and reach higher speeds for a faster streaming, gaming, and overall browsing experience.

Up until now, Atlas VPN employed IPSec/IKEv2 — a widely trusted and accepted VPN protocol. However, with the introduction of WireGuard, VPN users can choose among several protocols to find the one that best meets their needs.

Recently, Atlas VPN also announced the release of its data breach tracking tool Data Breach Monitor, malware, ads, and third-party tracker blocking tool Tracker Blocker, as well as SafeSwap feature, which enables users to have multiple rotating IP addresses by connecting to a single server.

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