Kronos Took A Month To Recover After Ransomware Attack…. And Real People Are Being Hurt By This Attack

You might recall that I wrote a story about workforce management solutions provider Kronos being hit with a massive ransomware attack that was pretty devastating. In fact I said this at the time:

This isn’t a good look for Kronos as a lot of companies rely on their services. And they could go elsewhere which will cost the company both in terms of money, and to their reputation.

Well, a month or so after I wrote that, it still isn’t a good look for Kronos. It took them a month to recover after that ransomware attack according to their status page.

But during that month, bad things happened to people who were effectively collateral damage in the ransomware attack. I’ll illustrate that by bringing you the story of Rich, a Coca-Cola delivery driver who isn’t getting consistently paid because of this ransomware attack.

 Rich, who asked not to be identified by his last name for fear of retaliation from his employer, is among hundreds of workers who deliver Coke products in at least three states who say they’re still owed wages — fallout from one of the many ransomware attacks that hit U.S. companies practically every day.

Rich, a father of three, said he’s had to dip into his savings, which have dwindled down in recent weeks.

“They went from $1,100, $1,200 a week to $300, $600,” he said of his paychecks. “I got one $300 paycheck, and I called and told them exactly what I needed paid, and they sent me a $46 check.” 

Ransomware attacks are seen by the people who launch them as being crimes that only affect big business. But real people work for big business. And those people get hurt by these attacks. And as illustrated here, they really get hurt. That’s why stopping these attacks must be a collective effort. Governments need to go after the threat actors behind these attacks, and companies need to build defences to ensure that these threat actors can’t pwn their companies. Because at the end of the day, these attacks cannot be allowed to succeed as they hurt everybody.

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